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Data: 5 Settembre 2019 dalle 11:30 alle 13:15

Tipologia: Workshop

Conduttori: Muhammet Turabi Yerli

Canto funebre e risate: ricollegarsi ai nostri sentimenti

In many societies, after a lost, there is a dirge ritual. Anatolia in particular has a deeply rooted tradition. In this tradition, mourners go to the families who lose their relatives and make crying easier. These mourners serve to help those who lose their relatives to cry. While all the women in a lament accompany the crying, the missing woman feels that she is surrounded with the love and wormth of other people and supported.
When the new people come to the place that the ceremony going on, the hugging and crying ritual begins again. This tradition is so widespread that it is not only a mourner, sometimes every woman takes this role. Also, the losers share with each new comer by hugging and singing dirge. If it is seen from out of the context, it will seem quite strange because during the ritual, there are daily conversations and sometimes jokes. However, the ritual is repeated when there is a new one.
When this process is considered together with the baby's crying, the assumption of safe environment should be valid. Sounds of crying are also indicative of the confidence that there are caregivers in the external environment. Crying itself is a trust and a connection to society. One of the bonds we established with the other person was broken, and the sense of completeness and integrity was wounded. The liquid, which is transported to the relevant place, such as the disappearance of a tree or skin integrity that is peeled from its outer shell, can be perceived as a tear or a kind of serum. Or, tears can be a glue of integrity as a kind of serum.
Another dimension of integrity is laughing. Wedding, entertainment and parades also help to create a common feeling of feeling and integrity with laughing together.
In this study, the improvement of crying and laughing together will be studied.
In the first part there will be at the mourning house ritual, and after it an entertainment house ritual will be held.

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