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Data: 5 Settembre 2019 dalle 11:30 alle 13:15

Tipologia: Panel

Speaker: Leni Verhofstadt Denève

Come migliorare la relazione interpersonale tra due protagonisti? Teoria e pratica

Prof. Leni Verhofstadt-Denève (Phd., TEP)

Ghent University, BELGIUM


Theory and Practice


In this lecture we will present the application of a psychodramatical strategy to improve the interpersonal relationship between two protagonists whether or not in conflict. The direct dialogue between both protagonists is prepared step by step through an indirect intrapersonal dialogue where both simultaneously operate as actor and as silent observer; therefore referred to as the “Simultaneous Action-Observer Strategy” (SA-OS; cf. 2017)

This method can be used without a group in relational therapy with a motivated dyad (i.e. father/daughter; mother/son;…. two partners…) or also, under slightly methodological variants, within group settings (i.e. therapy- & training-groups…).

First we will explore the theoretical background. Through concrete didactical demonstration (incl. video extracts, cf. 2018). The five action stages of SA-OS will be clarified  in relation to the underlying Phe-Di PModel and recent neurological insights.

Also some variants of the SA-OS will shortly be highlighted  such as the more complex form

for tackling subgroup conflicts i.e. The Double Triad Method (DTM; cf. 2012).


Verhofstadt-Denève, L. (2017). A Psychodrama Strategy for Conflictual Interpersonal Relationships: Theory and Practice. International Journal of Psychotherapy. A Special issue on Psychodrama Psychotherapy. 21, 2, 26-41. (The publication of this special issue coincides with the 25th anniversary of FEPTO celebrated in Sigtuna -Sweden- June, 2017).
▪Verhofstadt-Denève, L. (2018). Didactical DVD in relation to the topic of the lecture presented at the FEPTO conference, 2018 Pravetz, Bulgaria. (Will be available at the 8th Int. PD  Congress, ISEO, 2019).
▪Verhofstadt-Denève, L. (2012). Subgroup conflicts? Try the psychodramatic “Double Triad Method”. International Journal of Group Psychotherapy. 32 (2), 253-281.

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