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9 Junio 2019 a las 13:03


Paola De Leonardis – Marco Greco (Italy)

Simposium – English – Italian

What do we mean by theory and methodology in psychodrama?

All over the world, since the last 70 years, many Institutions have been created to train and certify practitioners in psychodrama. There are various positions in this area; many handbooks have been published. The main instrument used in the past for creating a common theoretical and methodological basis for psychodrama is the Glossary; we can find a number of them available online.

Within the Research Committee of FEPTO (Federation of European Psychodrama Training Institutes), during the last 4 years we carried out an action research to explore the teaching contents of the FEPTO Psychodrama Institutes, and we tried to organize meetings and “small groups” of psychodramatists in order to exchange knowledge and opinions on theoretical and methodological topics. Two main fields have arised: the basic assumptions of psychodrama and their connections with other approaches.

Reflecting on the outcomes of that work, on the basis of our own knowledge and research in psychodrama, we thought to propose a coherent framework for the psychodrama theory and methodology and their connections to other scientific disciplines. So we built up two Conceptual Maps, that we will present in this Symposium:

Map 1 – Psychodrama Theoretical and Methodological Specificity

Map 2 – Psychodrama Integration with other Psychological and Educational Approaches

The aims of the two Conceptual Maps are to lay the foundation for a common scientific language in psychodrama and to be a reference tool for training and research in psychodrama. In this view the two Maps still need to be rectified and improved.

The FEPTO Board is now considering the possibility to built up a Wiki Psychodrama Platform on the basis of these two Maps.

The participants at the Symposium will be invited to give their contribution in ideas and suggestions for the realization of the initiative.

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