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Fecha: 5 Septiembre 2019 de 11:30 a 13:15

Tipo: Talleres

Conductores: Maria Gabriella Nicotra

Restaurar la confianza en la vida" / "Cómo apoyar la identidad y promover la integración, trabajando con niños en grupos


El objetivo de este taller es proponer un método eficaz para trabajar con niños provenientes de experiencias traumáticas, condiciones de privación, abuso u otro trauma relacional o social.

Starting from systemic family psychotherapy and through group-analysis, this work method was developed by the author combining Individuative Jungian Psychodrama with needs coming from working with children and adolescents, whose families are multi-problematic concerning culture and social conditions. Group become for children a retaining safe space where they can increase their self-esteem, trust in relationship and in external world.
We will create fast dynamics to found a medium-sized group. It will be an engaging experience of a group foundation, and the beginning of a group process.
Focus is on the group process and at the same time on the evolution of each individual.
The group process will be developed using natural elements representation, mythical cultural knowledge coming from participants experience, or tales and stories from their transgenerational tradition. We do not work directly on traumatic memories and any negative situations and the menacing roles are represented by auxiliary Egos
Listening to breath, heartbeat, we will research and reproduce all the rhythms we can find in the nature and in the land, anything from children’s direct experience. Sense-perception and rituals give security and stability.
The action becomes an instrument to overcome the limits in the ability to develop concepts while changing context and habits.
Search for group times and rhythms is a consequence of respecting the personal time of each one.
Role of “imaginal” is developed first as psychic function then as verbal expression.
A meta-cognitive process mediated by symbols is activated by stimulating all the physic senses.
Participants will be connected to their internal world through narratives and dreams before memories that could be traumatic.
The environmental and socio-relational context can be accepted after they have experience in the “sure matrix” inside group.
Results and discussion:
We want share experience coming from many years using this methodology in group with children and with teachers also. Moreover we used this method’s experiences in supervision groups with social workers.
Our research demonstrated the effectiveness in using psychodrama group combined with a form of narrative work, that reconstructs a primary relational matrix, allows the transformation of individual histories, promote the co-construction of new way to look at “family histories” conducting to the possibility to change also behaviour.
Main points:
Time: scanning of times for each kind in play and action, observing natural rhythms, respecting of each one’s times.
Creative space: role-playng , representation , “as if…”, changing-role, “we were…” , complementary-roles, games, spontaneity.
Group climate: recognition, trust, listening, freedom, communication.
Rituals: group, starts by caring, with attention to details from the first moments of the first meeting.
Key words:
• lands and nature / psychodrama-group-process
• rhythms-sounds-colors-smells / feelings
• myths-tales-dreams / group history-membership

Who shall survive?
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