Workshop preview #12

13 March 2019 at 8:21


Workshop Infos #12 Maike Braune, Aline Menz (Germany)

Sociopsychodrama and Literature?
What do they have in common? Why do we sympathise with figures, characters or items from literature? What can we learn about ourselves from stories?

The knowledge and research about what? Sociopsychodrama and literature can be linked together. Exploring literature in a sociopsychodramatic way allows us a very personal, lively and pleasurable approach to stories with their characters. Simultaneously, we can get surprisingly new insights about ourselves: There are hundreds of ways of understanding and interpreting literary works. The way how we fill the gaps a text may contain and how we interpret the multiple meanings that each piece of literature has, reveals much of our personality.

In the workshop we intend to show how we can express ourselves via literature and how the playful exploration of texts allows us to widen our scope. We wish to show as well that this approach enables readers to deepen the understanding of texts. Finally, we will discuss how you can work with this knowledge in language lessons, lessons of literature and also in self-experience groups.

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4/9/2019 - 8/9/2019, Iseo (BS) - Italy

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