The Pre-Conference will start at 9.00 am and will end at 5.30 pm on the 4th September. It is an extraordinary opportunity to meet world-renowned professionals and spend a formative day brimming with psychodramatic methodology. On this occasion we will have the following special guests:

Dena Baumgartner

Conductor Pre conference Scientific commetee

Giovanni Boria

Conductor Pre conference

Jorge Burmeister

Conductor Pre conference

Swiss - Spain
Sue Daniel

Conductor Pre conference

Kate Bradshaw Tauvon

Conductor Pre conference Scientific commetee

Monica Zuretti

Conductor Pre conference


You can send a registration request by filling out the form. You will receive an answer based on availability as soon as possible. In case of a positive result, it will be necessary to register for the “Pre-Conference” and pay the required fee to validate the reservation.

Who shall survive?
IAGP International Psychodrama Conference 2019

4/9/2019 - 8/9/2019, Iseo (BS) - Italy

Time left

5 Days

76 Speakers

28 Events

500+ Places

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Workshop Infos #37 Davide Favero e Stefano Candellieri – Italy Simposio – English – Italian We would like to tell you about our psychodrama work with a class of architects during a post graduate training course developing in the psychological field the ideas of Christopher Alexander. The context in which we approached problems to develop […]

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