Il Germoglio

The “Il Germoglio” Social Cooperative was founded the 20th November 1984 at the end of a training course, aimed at volunteers in the area, promoted by the former USSL 36 of Iseo. It can therefore be considered a group formed by people who have not been the expression of a single community, but rather the expression of a larger territory belonging to Sebino Bresciano and Franciacorta. The founding Members have been united by the same motivation that has pushed them to participate in this training course and that could be summarized in the “willingness to be at the service of the emerging needs of the territorial community”.

The Il Germoglio cooperative opened on October 1st 1985, in a pioneering phase, one of the first Socio-Educational Centers of the Lombardy Region, prior to Law 1/86 which was born to regulate and promote their formation. The Socio-Educational Center is an integrated semi-residential structure, supporting the family that daily welcomes people with serious autonomy  and elementary functions impairment, who need continuous assistance and for whom it is impossible to obtain any scholastic enrolment and work placement.

The awareness that willingness,  sharing and the availability towards the “others” were no longer sufficient to manage such complex and delicate personal services, and that a professional competence was necessary to face the problems that emerged daily (such as the personnel management and the problems related to the family in a fragile situation), has made the Cooperative undertake, since 1988, a constant training course with Dr. Monica Zuretti (psychiatrist and psychodramatist) and Dr. Eriberto Arzuffi (work psychologist)

  Psychodrama has become the “ABITUS” of our Cooperative, because working with Diversity means also and above all taking care of interpersonal relationships to better promote the development and growth of both the guests and the people who take take care of them.

In 1990 and 1994 the Cooperative opened two other Educational Socio Centers in the area: in Marone and in Provaglio d’Iseo.

Given the severity of our guests’ conditions, in 2006, following the D.G.R. n.VIII / 1513 the Socio-Educational  Centers have been transformed in Day Centers for the Disabled, offering services mostly concerning health and welfare.

In 1999 the Il Germoglio Cooperative welcomes Dr. Monica Zuretti’s idea to organize a meeting with some representatives presenting psychodrama in Italy, to stimulate the formation of an event which, following this meeting, will be created and will take the name of “Multi-voiced psychodrama”. Since 1999 “Multi-voiced Psychodrama” has become an annual event that encourages an meeting/ comparison between psychodramatists and sociodramatists who use and integrate methods and different theoretical references (classical psychodrama, analytical individuative, Jungian, playback theater, drama therapy, art therapy, music therapy, theater forum, theater of the oppressed, etc.) within the large containment of the Encounter, the recognition of diversity and the desire to build bridges and connections.

In response to emerging needs, the Social Cooperative Il Germoglio has developed, over time, diversified skills and interventions in the area.

For years, agreements have been stipulated with universities and higher institutes for the activation of training internships for students as well as opportunities for the  school-work alternation.

The collaboration with the Court of Brescia to welcome people sentenced to community service and trial periods  involves people of different ages and professions. This allows us to bring diverse energies and resources into our structures.

At the request of the ASST we have activated a home service for minors with disabilities. The goal, beyond offering families support, is to develop a project of social inclusion in extra-school time.

Every person, who in some way comes to “live” the Cooperative Il Germoglio, is called to share and respect our Mission: “Listen to ourselves, listen to each other, listen: realizing emotion”, which is the result of a psychodramatic journey of C.D.A. with Dr. Monica Zuretti


Who shall survive?
IAGP International Psychodrama Conference 2019

4/9/2019 - 8/9/2019, Iseo (BS) - Italy

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