Lucía Aranda Kilian



Lucía Aranda Kilian, Mexican, has degrees in Nursing and History from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and master's degrees in Systemic Family Therapy granted by the Latin American Institute for Family Studies and Advanced Studies in Art History, granted by the University from Salamanca, Spain.
Following her participation in a Psychodrama congress that took place in Mexico City, she presented a workshop that showed the convenience of complementing the traditional therapeutic techniques she had been working with, with the support of puppets. Over the years, these first experiences, also complemented by anthropological field work in indigenous communities, where she lived other forms of expression different from those in the western world, evolved in what is now known as Creative Strategies, since in addition to the puppets, it makes use of other plastic objects with which it integrates masks, figures and contours that through its dramatization, induces its patients to express feelings that they could not otherwise.
Lucia Aranda has taken her professional experience in individual and group work to various countries both in the Americas and in Europe and Asia. It also has publications in countries as diverse as Italy and China.


Who shall survive?
IAGP International Psychodrama Conference 2019

4/9/2019 - 8/9/2019, Iseo (BS) - Italy

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