Presentation of an Action-Research to create a shared base in theory and methodology (Italian-English)

Date: 7 September 2019 from 16:30 to 18:15

Type: Symposium

Speakers: Paola De Leonardis, Marco Greco

Chairman: Paola De Leonardis

Paola De Leonardis  - Milano  (Italy)

Marco Greco – Torino (Italy)

The Action-Research  that we will present araised from the need of a reflection on Morenian identity and on the psychodrama theory and methodology,  shared by a psychodrama trainers group inside the FEPTO Research Committee. Which are the reasons of that need ?

Fifty years on from Moreno’s death, we see that psychodrama has many souls, that it is taught
in many different ways, that its application areas are diverse. Moreover psychodrama has been integrated in a number of different approaches, rendered in different ways,  for instance psychoalytical psychodrama, Junghian psychodrama, Adlerian psychodrama etc.. At last, and not infrequently, it has been used as a mere « technique » in the context of different psychological and educational  interventions.

So, many psychodramatists think that the epistemological fundamentals of psychodrama are clear and sound, but its theoretical frame has often uncertain boundaries, and  the psychodramatic language needs specifications.

Our research, whose process and results are now presented,  was conducted during a four years time, in 2014-2018. It initially involved 30 Psychodrama Training Institutes, all members of FEPTO, and afterwords went on involving many « small discussion groups » during the FEPTO Annual Meetings and during the bi-annual meetings of the FEPTO Research Committee.

During the first two years, 2014-2016,  the research pointed to explore the theoretical and methodological contents of psychodrama training in psychotherapeutic as well educational fields. During the subsequent two years, inside the small discussion groups, many theoretical and methodological aspects were explored, both in terms of  psychodrama specificity  and its integration with other psychological and educational approaches.

In this way it was possible to create some educational reference tools for Psychodrama Training Institutes, in particular two Conceptual Maps, dedicated respectively to the "Theoretical and methodological specificity of psychodrama" and to the "Integration of psychodrama with other psychological and educational approaches ".

Furthermore, the research allowed to lay the foundations for a new ambitious project: an online platform dedicated to psychodrama, called "Wiki Psychodrama World", based on the conceptual and bibliographical references of the two Maps.

On the occasion of this Symposium we will collect the contribution in ideas and suggestions of those present for the realization of the initiative.

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