Palestina (Simultaneous Translation)

Date: 7 September 2019 from 9:15 to 11:00

Type: Plenary Lesson

Keynote Speakers: Khader Rasras


The use of psychodrama and group psychotherapy in a country with high level of traumatization -

The Palestinian Ordeal was developed over several decades of pain caused by a series of consecutive traumatic events. To better portray the historical and social context, the major and most suffocating event was always the occupation by Israel and of course the occupation related bitterness. These Included deportation, forced displacement, confiscation of land, house demolition, mass arrests and military invasions, so as other countless and mal practices and human rights violation.

Having that said, several psychological complications developed as well. They are most often trauma-related disorders. These complications include PTSD (Posttraumatic stress disorder) or what we call it in Palestine CTSD (continuing traumatic stress disorder), Depression, and so as other psychological distress.

As a member of the IAGP for about 18 years I came to know great, devoted and good hearted people who volunteered to introduce psychodrama and group work to a growing number of Palestinian mental health practitioners. That was promising and fruitful. The story developed from there to the here and now, where psychodrama and group work with the valuable assistance of those great people has become an integral part of several individual professionals and institutional orientation when working with people in distress. Over the years and with several groups conducted we declare that these methods are powerful, helpful and people are very receptive, reflective and enthusiastic to them.

In Palestine this opportunity is unique and very rare. It is in fact a humanitarian commitment toward those eager to learn professionals. It is also a kind of true support to them in their humanitarian mission. They are thriving now and extending help and assistance to so many people in special hardship.

The Treatment and Rehabilitation center for victims of torture vision is to better establish this work and institutionalize it in the therapeutic work in Palestine.

Finally those who had the chance to benefit from this opportunity are pioneers in their localities and leading this work with great responsibility and high level of good conduct. Some of them are among us today.

Who shall survive?
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