I invite man to turn to himself. I invite him to recognize the meaning of the living encounter: in the age of computers, robots, household appliances, cars, and airplanes, I propose to him to establish an unmediated relationship with the people he meets in the streets, at work and at home, to acknowledge that their worthiness is immortal and unperishable and they are not mere numbers in a game. (J.L. Moreno, New York, 1960s.)

Jacob Levi Moreno, creator of psychodrama and sociodrama, pioneer in group psychotherapy and co-founder of IAGP, organized 7 International Psychodrama Conferences before his death in 1974. Over half a century after the first international conference in Paris in 1964, the Eighth International Psychodrama Conference and the Second IAGP Psychodrama Section International Conference will take place in 2019. The organizing committee, along the path laid out by the Fourth International Sociodrama Conference organized at Iseo in 2013, intends to resume and develop J.L. Moreno’s concepts of co-responsibility and co-creation of the world, which have marked psychodramatic practice in the care of individuals, groups, and society from the very beginning.

The title of the Conference “Who Shall Survive?” refers to this core message: will women and men that can be spontaneous and creative in the co-creation of society and, at the same time, open to meeting the Other in the co-responsibilty of care and change survive challenges, transformations, traumas, and individual – collective tragedies. In the vital interaction with clinical and social practice in the groups as well as in society, the international movement of psychodramatists has promoted and developed this vision in the past fifty years, a visions that the Eighth International Psychodrama Conference intends to share by examining some emerging themes in this historical time.






The Conference location is a territory that is open to welcome this meeting: the Il Germoglio coop at Iseo, which has been committed for decades to the care of disabled people, is the pulsating organizing heart, like in the previous Sociodrama Conference in 2013, and in the Psicodramma a Più Voci, an event that has promoted the interaction of psychodramatists all over Italy in the past twenty years.

Call for Workshop, Paper and Poster – 30th April 2019 – Send your PROPOSAL through the dedicated form. We will reply as soon as possible.

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Who shall survive?
IAGP International Psychodrama Conference 2019

4/9/2019 - 8/9/2019, Iseo (BS) - Italy

Time left

5 Days

54 Speakers

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