Who shall survive?
IAGP International Psychodrama Conference 2019

4/9/2019 - 8/9/2019, Iseo (BS) - Italy

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Welcome to the 2nd IAGP Psychodrama Conference and 8th Psychodrama Congress website. The scientific – organizational committee has chosen to use the same location as the last Sociodrama Conference, Iseo (BS). We think that the experience gained previously can be an opportunity for a good psychodramatic conference. We will be guests of the Antonietti Institute, which has kindly made room available, along with staff to assist us and some students who, as volunteers and translators, will take care of giving information about the territory and will guide the participants for the best possible experience. We would like to thank the Il Germoglio ONLUS Cooperative, which has been for years in the forefront in the defense of human rights and in the care of people with disabilities, for their organizational and economic efforts as well as their willingness to get involved.

We have chosen the title “Who Shall Survive?” As a tribute to Jacob Levi Moreno and to what he has brought us with his creativity and spontaneity, but above all because decades later the same dilemma arises. What he called “robot” today is technology, it is the internet, it is automation, it is the crisis of the encounter. For this reason we think that it is necessary to find oneself, to exchange ideas, to rediscover  the richness in diversity that must characterize the human race. We hope, therefore, that you will accept our invitation and join us, to offer each other our eyes.

The scientific committee

Dena Baumgartner, Richard Beck, Nevzat Uctum Muthar, Kate Bradshaw Tauvon, Franca Bonato, Laura Consolati, Chiara De Marino, Luigi Dotti, Vanda Druetta, Ivan Fossati, Maurizio Gasseau, Marco Greco, Clelia Marini, Gaetano Martorano, Salvatore Pace, Vanda Romagnoli, Antonio Zanardo.

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